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Cookies are data (text information) sent by a website (in this case, the Transgrouplogistic LLC website) and stored on the on the end device of the user of the website(computer, laptop, smartphone) from which the user views it.

Cookies contain information necessary for websites to function properly. They usually have a unique number, the name of the web page to which they belong, and the time they were stored on the website user's end device. The personal data collected by cookies is only intended to perform certain functions for the benefit of the user, i.e., for example, to authenticate the user or to remember the products added to the cart in the store-shop. The default settings of the cookies allow only the server that created them to read the information contained therein, and the data are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

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Cookies make web pages easier to use and their contents, such as texts, photos or advertisements, are better adapted to your preferences.

Cookies are mainly used to optimize and personalize the website's web pages, for example:

  • identification of a website user's device and displaying a web page tailored to its needs, for example by remembering the selected font size;
  • adapting web page content to the user's preferences;
  • storage of website user’s data and settings (e.g.: no need to enter login and password every time on each sub-page);
  • adaptation of advertising content displayed on the website;
  • creation of web page usage statistics

In most cases, the software used to view web pages (browser) by default, allows cookies to be stored on end user's device, but the user can change the cookie settingscookies at any time. Note that restrictions on the use of cookies may affect the operation of some of the functions available on the website. Below we provide links to detailed information about the features and ways of handling cookies available in the settings of the most popular browsers:

Cookies are completely safe for your computers, smartphones or other devices with which you use the website - they do not affect their operation, nor do they change their configuration or the configuration of the software installed on them.

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