Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are the data (textual information) sent by the website (in this case, the website of Transgrouplogistic, LLC) and stored in the terminal device of the website user (computer, laptop, smartphone) on which the user is viewing it.

Cookies contain the information necessary for the proper functioning of websites. They usually have a unique number, the name of the web page to which they belong, and the time they were stored in the terminal device of the website user. The personal data collected via cookies is intended only to perform certain functions in the interests of the user, i.e., for example, to authenticate the user or to remember the goods added to the basket in the online store. By default, cookie settings allow to read the information contained in them only to the server that created them, and the data is encrypted in such a way as to prevent unauthorized access.

What are cookies used for?

Thanks to cookies the use of web pages becomes easier and their content, for example, in the form of texts, photos or advertisements, better adapts to the user's preferences.

Cookies are mainly used to optimize and personalize website pages, for example:

  • recognition of the website user device and display of the web page according to his/her needs, for example, by remembering the selected font size;
  • adaptation of web page content to the user preferences;
  • storage of data and settings of the website user (for example: there is no need to enter a login and password on each subpage each time);
  • adaptation of advertising content displayed on the website;
  • creation of statistics on the use of web pages,

In most cases, the software used to view web pages (browser) allows cookies to be stored in the user's terminal device by default, however, the user can change the cookie settings at any time. Please note that restrictions on the use of cookies may affect the operation of certain functions available on the website. In what follows, we provide the links to the detailed information about the capabilities and methods of cookies processing available in the settings of the most popular browsers:

Cookies are completely safe for your computers, smartphones or other devices which you use to view websites – they do not affect their operation, neither lead to a change in their configuration nor to a change in the configuration of the software installed on them.

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